How do I order your products/services?

There are several way to order from caraway tea. You can order directly from our website for smaller wholesale quantities. For larger quantities or for custom packing jobs please contact us directly.

What certification do you have?

We are a SQF Level 2 certified facility. We are also fully Organic, and can offer non-GMO, Kosher, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance certification.

Are your products organic?

As an organic certified facility we offer many organic products. Call us to find out which products are organic.

What is the minimum order you offer?

On our wholesale website you can order quantities as small as two pounds. For large quantities or custom quotes on tea projects contact us.. You can also visit our private labelpage for more info

Are you certified kosher?

We are a Kosher facility and can offer kosher on any of our teas.