April 20-23. SCAA, Seattle Washington. / Caraway Tea

April 20-23. SCAA, Seattle Washington.

Welcome to the show floor for the Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle, WA!

Exposition Dates

Wednesday, April 19:        

        8:00am-7:00pm:          Early Exhibitor Move-in for 200 sq. ft.+ booths

Thursday, April 20:

        8:00am-7:00pm:         Exhibitor Move-In

        6:00pm-7:00pm:         Opening Ceremonies

        7:00pm-10:00pm:       Welcome Party

Friday, April 21: 

        7:00am-10:30am:       Exhibitor Move-In

        10:30am-5:30pm:       Exhibit Hall Open to Registrants

Saturday, April 22: 

        10:30am-5:30pm:       Exhibit Hall Open to Registrants

Sunday, April 23:

        10:30am-4:00pm:       Exhibit Hall Open to Registrants

        4:00pm-10:00pm:       Exhibitor Move-Out

Monday, April 24: 

        7:00am-11:00am:       Exhibitor Move-Out

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