About Caraway Tea


The Caraway Tea Company has grown into one of the nation’s leading specialty tea suppliers and contract manufacturers. Combining a robust global sourcing network with the innovation of its in-house tea blending and manufacturing capability, Caraway Tea has become the trusted private label and co-packer choice for leading brands and organizations across a number of industries.

What truly defines Caraway is not only its capability but its compassion. Caraway’s commitment to its customers, its employees and its community is exemplified in its very inception. Caraway was built on the passion and purpose of its founders, Michael and Gina Caraway. After successful corporate careers, the couple brought their experience and skills to bear in creating a business that would provide opportunity for their children as well as those in their community.

“We did this at a time when the greater economic climate was uncertain. We worried for our children. We saw many of their friends struggling to find opportunities,” says Gina Caraway. “We knew this was not only a problem in our community but throughout the country. We wanted to create opportunity for our children, for their friends. We wanted to make a difference and invest in the spirit of American entrepreneurialism and ingenuity.”

Combining their passion for tea with the will to serve their community, Michael and Gina ushered the company from its humble origins in a garage to a state of the art manufacturing facility in Highland, New York. What began as a family business has grown into a larger family that has proudly created jobs and served a number of customers from leading tea brands to national hotel chains.

Our Difference

What truly separates Caraway is its commitment to people from its customers to its employees and local community. As a people-centric company, Caraway is committed to creating a superior customer experience at every touchpoint. This is not only expressed through exceptional customer service but in the very processes behind every customer project. Caraway provides a seamless extension of our customer’s business, providing a turnkey solution for customers seeking to develop a private label tea brand or originate new products. When initiating a project with Caraway, the customer inherits a dedicated team including:

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Dedicated graphic designer, packaging specialist
  • Dedicated blending specialist
  • State of the art manufacturing capability
  • Shipping fulfillment and order management


The Caraway Tea Company is committed to the highest quality standards. The company is a certified SQF manufacturer as recognized by the Safe Quality Food Institute.

SQF certification allows food safety and quality systems to be validated throughout the food chain, increasing brand protection and consumer confidence. SQF is recognized by retailers, foodservice operators and regulatory agencies that mandate HACCP food safety and quality management systems by their suppliers.

By meeting these standards, Caraway Tea customers are able to meet all compliance requirements for major retailers and ensure the safest product for their consumers.


Caraway Tea serves a large breadth of customers both directly within and outside of the tea industry. Our in house tea blending and manufacturing capabilities allow us to create a range of private label tea products for customers of any scale.

Our customers include

  • Brand manufacturers
  • Tea importers and wholesalers
  • National restaurant chain accounts
  • Hotels

Our Commitment:

Quality & Safety

The Caraway Tea Company is devoted to making the best possible products for our customers. We have done extensive research into our products to ensure the highest quality and we will continue to do so. It is our policy to keep up with the highest standards of both safety and quality. Our facilitites are kosher and organic certfied. We have an extensive HAACP based system in place and are fully SQF Level 2 certified.

Commitment to the World

At the Caraway Tea Company, we have a clear policy to help not just ourselves, but the World around us as well. Currently we are donating money to St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Doctors Without Borders, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Sierra Club. Since the inception of the company, it has been our belief that we can truly make a difference in the world and we are actively searching for ways to make this world we share a little better.

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosure

Caraway Tea Company, LLC is committed to lawful, ethical and fair business practices. We have implemented the following practices to ensure the fair treatment of workers throughout our supply chain:

• Our sourcing practice includes an analysis of each supplier and an assessment of their alignment with our guiding principles.

• Our purchasing agreements require all suppliers to comply with applicable laws within the country of business.

• We maintain and enforce internal accountability standards and procedures for employees and vendors regarding slavery and human trafficking. Caraway Tea Company has a zero tolerance policy for slavery and human trafficking practices and in the case of non-compliance by an employee or supplier, will terminate the business relationship.

• Those individuals at Caraway Tea Company, who are responsible for supply chain management, are trained to recognize and report potential risks for slavery and human trafficking throughout the supply chain.